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Dental Crowns

When a cavity is too big for a filling, a tooth too damaged for bonding, or a baby root canal is necessary, pediatric dental crowns can save the day. Crowns are available in a variety of materials, depending on the location of the repair and your child’s situation.

Sometimes referred to as caps, crowns create a whole new surface for your kiddo’s tooth, strengthening failing teeth, and protecting damaged chompers. We generally prefer to restore teeth with tooth-colored crowns, but if a stainless-steel crown is necessary, we can help your little one feel great about those shiny, silver gems in their smiles. We call them Ironman or Princess teeth and kids are usually delighted, though it may take a few days for them to get used to the way they feel. Talk to us about your options. You are part of your child’s smile team after all and we want you to be part of every decision-making process.