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Pedi Partials

All I want for Christmas… my birthday… Valentine’s Day… Kid’s Day… umm, Halloween…? If your child has lost front teeth earlier than usual through trauma or decay, and no amount of wishing (or singing that silly song) will make them grow in any faster, we offer Pedi Partials to fill in the gap until mother nature takes over. Pedi Partials are a lot like adult partial dentures in that they are custom-created to fill gaps and look as close to natural teeth as possible. The big difference is that Pedi Partials are not removable.

Instead, these nifty partials are affixed to surrounding teeth with bands and then cemented in place for the ultimate in function and comfort. This means your child can smile with confidence, eat more easily, speak without impediment, and learn to brush and floss as usual. We check these appliances every three months to make sure they aren’t broken, that they are staying in place, and that they aren’t irritating those delicate little oral tissues. We also like to remove each Pedi Partial every six months for a thorough cleaning and update. Don’t let your child keep asking for new front teeth! Give them the gift of a smile with Pedi Partials from Growing Great Grins.