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About Us

About Growing Great Grins in Spring, TX

Award-Winning TLC at Every Dental Visit

What could be better than telling your toddler that it is time for a dental cleaning and watching him jump up and down with glee?

How about when your teenager asks on her own when her next dental checkup is?

Or when you wish your munchkins had more visits coming up just so you could take a deep breath, put your feet up, and relax?

When you count on Growing Great grins to care for the most precious smiles in your life, you know you are getting more than outstanding dentistry – you are getting customer service and loving care that goes beyond the norm.

In fact, our care is so outstanding, so enjoyable, and, actually, so much fun, we have won awards for it – years running!

  • Best Dentist in the Woodlands Online Best of the Woodlands competition for 7 consecutive years.
  • Living Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Best Pediatric Dentist in the Woodlands from 2013-2017

Laughing. Learning. Luxuriating. Living.

We may have implied it before, but now we’ll just come right out and say it – everyone looks forward to visits at Growing Great Grins! We designed it that way!

It starts with our warm, caring, kid-centric team. Every member of the Growing Great Grins staff is completely dedicated to keeping your children happy, feeling calm and at ease, and as healthy and happy as possible. They take time to get to know your family and always greet you with open arms each time you walk in the door. This caring attention helps tykes feel safe and builds trust so that when dental procedures are necessary, they go smoothly and are distress-free.

You can count on the training and experience of our fabulous doctors. Dr. Leslie Blackburn has undergone the extra years of specialized training required to be licensed as a pediatric dentist, with specific attention to child psychology, behavior guidance, and dentistry for special needs patients. She also knows how to talk to kids so they understand what is going to happen every step of every procedure. Plus, she is a great teacher so your children learn how to take care of their oral health – for life!

It also helps that our dental office doesn’t look, sound, or smell clinical. We use essential oil aromatherapy in both the waiting room and in the hygiene area to accent tranquility and soothe your senses. Plus, aromatherapy can be used with our heated neck and back pads and eye pillows. Aromatherapy has been proven to help calm even the tiniest tot! It’s luxury with proven benefits.

If aromatherapy isn’t enough, kiddos can snuggle with one of the stuffed animals who live here in our office. It is always nice to have a soft friend for comfort during cleanings or operatory visits.

Music fills the air with gentle, uplifting sounds. And, of course, there is always the joyful sound of laughter coming from the game room (equipped with iPads, Xboxes, and PlayStation), the GIANT Lite Brite (it really is 6’X3’!), or the comfy poofs scattered through the play and reading area.

For even more laughter and fun, we have monthly entertainment times with Michael the Balloon Man and a face painting artist. Check the dates and plan your appointments accordingly!

And if you need to do get some work done, don’t worry. Busy parents can recharge their devices, use a lap desk, and even support their backs with a lumbar pillow all while enjoying refreshing beverages such as a Starbucks Frappuccino and nibbling some veggie chips.

We think your Woodlands family deserves the best – the best atmosphere, the best dental care, and the best dentistry experience. And we deliver it all with a smile!

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