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Dental Services

Pediatric Dental Services in The Woodlands

Everything You Need for Growing Grins and Keeping Them Great

Small-Fry…Cherub… Squirt… Whippersnapper… whatever you call them; whatever size, shape, or shade they come in; children are an incredible gift. They fill every day with grins and giggles, light up every room they walk into, and simply make life worth living. That’s why you do what you can to give them the best start in life possible – encouraging creative play and plenty of time outdoors, feeding them nutritious foods, taking them for regular medical checkups, and making sure they get plenty of rest to rebuild and refresh their bodies.

But did you know that proper dental care is just as important to get the best start in life as any other health-focused gift you could offer your child?

It’s true! A healthy mouth and strong teeth lead to healthier bodies, higher self-esteem, and even better performance in school! And the right dental professionals are super-important in supporting those important smiles.

How Healthy Teeth Contribute to a Healthy Life

Let’s start with the obvious: kids who have toothaches and cavities miss more school, do less homework, and have lower grades. No one does well when they are in pain!

Children with dental problems are also more likely to suffer from gum disease – adults aren’t the only ones! This is serious business when you consider that gum disease can lead to inflammation as well as a host of other health problems. It has even been determined to contribute to obesity!

But there’s more to consider than physical health. A study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, says that dental problems are also associated with “shyness, unhappiness, feeling of worthlessness, and reduced friendliness. The effects of dental problems on unhappiness and feeling of worthlessness were largest for adolescents between 15 and 17 years.” (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3459270/)

Thankfully, the reverse is also true! Minors with healthy smiles are happier, more confident, and more successful. Isn’t that what we all want for our children?

Health-Activating, Success-Promoting, Confidence-Building

It’s why we are here…and why we offer such a comprehensive list of pediatric dental services for kids from birth up. That’s right! We have helped infants with overly tight frenulums nurse better and feel more comfortable with delicate frenectomies just weeks after birth!

For more information about our health-inducing, success-promoting, confidence-building pediatric dental services, please visit our dental services pages:

Cosmetic Dentistry

Because Sometimes Even Young Smiles Need a Boost

Every mom thinks her child’s smile is the most gorgeous smile in the world. Every dad goes weak-kneed at his child’s charming grin. And that’s true even when – and sometimes especially if – those grins have something unique going on like a little gap, or a chip, or even a missing tooth. Admit it!

We love those unique smiles too and would never want anyone’s smile to be cookie-cutter perfect. We celebrate the differences that make us all special!

Restorative Dentistry

Woodlands’ Answer to Teeth Troubles

You do everything in your power to take care of and protect your little ones – right down to the tiniest details like making sure they floss their teeth. But no matter how diligent you are, stuff happens.

  • Kids can collide on the playground and – crack! – there goes a front tooth.
  • Tots can keep missing the same spot while brushing and – yikes! – there’s a cavity-bug party going on!
  • Sometimes teeth can even be so damaged or experience such extensive decay that – blimey! a tooth has to be extracted!

Not to worry. The team at Growing Great Grins understands. We aren’t here to criticize or scold parents or kids! Not at all! Instead, we support your child back to ideal health and super smiles with minimally-invasive restorative treatments.

General Dentistry

Cavities are Not Required!

Lots of people think cavities are a normal part of growing up. Growing Great Grins is here to prove otherwise!

Our general and preventive dentistry caters to little teeth from tots to teens, offering dentistry that not only treats teeth but also prevents problems before they really get started. We believe that all dentition is best in its natural state and do whatever we can to keep it that way. Drill and fill are just not us!

Instead, we focus on things like super-extensive exams, ultra-effective cleanings, fluoride protection, and sealants.

We also recommend that you start bringing your child to see us when the first tooth erupts – or sooner! We do see infants and can evaluate the health of their frenulums and other soft tissue to prevent nursing problems as well as speech and other issues. But even if baby doesn’t see us until her first year, visits to Growing Great Grins are so relaxed and so much fun, kids beg their parents to come more often – we are just that different. We are out to revolutionize the way children experience dental care!

Laser Dentistry

Zip! Zap! Zoom! It’s Painless!

Lasers really are amazing – especially in medical applications! And now your Woodlands pediatric dentists have all the latest dental laser technology you could imagine to treat young smiles, speed procedures, decrease pain, and increase healing! So, what can lasers help us do? Try these benefits on for size!

Sedation Dentistry

Helping Woodlands’ Smallest Smiles Relax

Here at Growing Great Grins, our philosophy of conservative dentistry extends to our approach to sedation. We will not sedate your child to make our job easier– we sedate your child only to prevent trauma and make sure each experience with us is pleasant.

Here’s how we decide what to do: At your child’s treatment-planning visit, Dr. Blackburn will carefully evaluate your child; play, talk, and interact to build a rapport with them; and do some exercises to get a deeper sense of their personality and their ability to work with the team.

Then she will talk to you, the parent or guardian, to build an understanding of how your child responds to potentially stressful situations – like getting a haircut, going to the doctor, getting immunizations, and so forth.

After all of this information gathering, we’ll present the options we think will give your child the best chance to have a positive – and even fun – experience in the operatory, and let your family choose the options that make the most sense to you.