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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry in Spring, TX

Zip! Zap! Zoom! It’s Painless!

Lasers really are amazing – especially in medical applications! And now your Woodlands pediatric dentists have all the latest dental laser technology you could imagine to treat young smiles, speed procedures, decrease pain, and increase healing! So, what can lasers help us do? Try these benefits on for size!

1. Skip the Shot!

We are proud to offer most procedures without any shots of local anesthesia. It really is amazing! Most kids sail through the experience of receiving dental treatment without fear and with lots of fun!

The doctors at Growing Great Grins use a specialized technique developed by Dr. William Chen of the Chen Laser Institute to condition the tooth to achieve laser analgesia.

During the first part of the procedure, the laser will sound very much like a toy airplane. When we switch modes to remove decay, it sounds like loud popcorn popping or a woodpecker. We may still need to use our Special Toothbrushes– the Water Whistler and Mr. Shaky– but we will end with laser settings. Then it’s time to put the filling in!

2. Zap Those Sugar Bugs

Cavities on the tops, sides, or fronts of teeth can be treated with the Waterlase laser. Many of these procedures can be done without anesthetic.

Deep cavities which extend into the blood vessel/nerve area (pulp) need more than a simple filling. Instead, a “baby root canal” is needed. These can also be done with the laser and many patients will not need anesthesia.

3. Zip Through Frenectomies

Some children come into the world with lips and/or tongues tied very tightly to their mouths. This can cause all kinds of trouble like:

  • Feeding problems
  • Speech problems
  • Gaps between front teeth
  • Gum recession

For these tots, the Waterlase is a real blessing. Laser frenectomies are much more comfortable than the traditional cutting and suturing technique of years past.

Other types of lasers have high heat as a byproduct and can often cause a little thermal damage, like a bad “pizza burn” on the surgical site a few days to a week after treatment. The Waterlase has a revolutionary cooling system which allows us to remove the tissue without discomfort and with little-to-no pizza burning. This means less pain, and easier, faster healing.

4. Get Post-Braces Gums in the Zone

It can sometimes be difficult to brush teeth really well with braces on. We understand and try to help with extra cleanings during ortho treatment. Unfortunately, consistent inflammation in the gums due to bacterial build-up can cause gum tissue to overgrow. In other words, the gums look larger and puffier than they should. When gums just won’t go back to normal after the braces come off, we can use our laser bring back your child’s beautiful gum line by sculpting away that extra gum tissue. And since the laser heals as it works, your child will leave with a smile they can show off immediately.

5. Zero in on Sick Teeth

There are several devices on the market that let us test painful, infected teeth, but they can cause discomfort. We don’t think that’s a good idea when a child is already in pain! Thankfully, our laser allows us to test sick teeth with a minimum of discomfort.