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Patient Safety

Our Patient Safety Plans

COVID-19 Plan for Safety

There are of course many things we are also doing internally to reduce risk for everyone. If you have any questions, or think we haven’t addressed something, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You may have a question about an internal protocol I don’t mention here.

Here are some videos showing you all our safety guidelines and steps.

Our New Look For The Dental Dream Space:

Waiting Room Goodness:

We have spaced out our chairs to be the appropriate social distance apart, and we have also removed the toys from our game room (boo!). Until we have passed through this pandemic time we would strongly encourage everyone to avoid the game room space. If you need to utilize it, please ask our team for a wipe to make sure your cuties can run around worry free!

Our Favorite New Fashion Accessory:

We are asking that everyone wear masks, the same way you would if you were going to the grocery store. If you do not have a mask, we will have paper towels masks available for our families.

Loving You From A Distance:

Our amazing front desk crew is going to be extending their love to your family from across a plexiglass barrier for the time being. That way we reduce any mixing back and forth between us.

Our New Look in Our Lovely Mermaid Cleaning Area:

Separation for Safety:

Normally our cleaning area is open and we all enjoy getting our teeth shiny together. Now we will have inviting, beach-themed barriers in between each chair to minimize mixing.

Smell That Clean Air:

We also have air filters that will be helping to keep our airspace as clean and low-risk as possible.

Our COVID-19 Scheduling Changes:

Appointments that Stretch Out:

For this pandemic time we will spacing appointments out more than we usually would to minimize the number of people we have in our dental home at one time. This may mean that we ask you to get your cleaning a little later than we normally would (instead of 6 months from your last cleaning, it might be 7 or
even 8).

This Is Your Time:

Even more so than usual please help us as we try to spread appointments out by making sure to arrive at your appointment time. We will have people arriving 5-15 minutes before or after you, so please do your part to reduce mixing by coming at the time you arrange with our wonderful ladies.

It Won’t Be Forever!:

As this situation evolves, so will we. As soon as it is safe to run a more normal schedule we will alter our schedule back. Until then please be patient with us as we do the best we can to keep everyone safe – in your body and your mouth!

We Love You In Short Bursts ☺

Checking In:

During this time we are going to ask (again) that you make sure to arrive at your scheduled time. When you get here, we will confirm some information (health information and personal information) including your cell phone number. If you are comfortable, we ask that you trust us with your child/children and return to your vehicle to wait until their appointment ends. If you are not comfortable we will have options to allow you to more safely stay in our space, but we encourage everyone to trust us as we do our best to keep your little ones safe!

Checking Out:

If you have trusted your child with us we will text you as their appointment is drawing to a close. Please come up to the Check Out area (through the door you normally leave from) instead of the Check In Area. We will be sending “Report Cards” with every patient detailing information about their appointment that we normally like to tell you in person. If you do not have any questions, we will give you the report card and you can head off to your next adventure. If you do have questions then we will come out from the clinical area to answer them.

The New Look For Our Dream Team:

Personal Protective Equipment – the New “In:”

We have diligently searched out the latest and best advice on how to protect our amazing team. This has led to some changes that will affect how we normally look. We will always be wearing our jackets zipped up, and we will have 2 sets of masks and then a face shield on. We appreciate that this might be off-putting for some of our little Dental Family members, so feel free to show your children the pictures or videos of what we’ll look like before your visit so it’s not a surprise for them.

Thank you so much for all your patience, understanding, and love during this crazy time in our world. We feel blessed to have such an amazing Dental Family.