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Special Needs Patients

Special Needs Dental Care in Spring, TX

Keeping Special Smiles Safe and Strong

Every child is special – we love them all. But kids with special needs are extra special and have an extra-shiny, warm place in our hearts. If you are the parent of a child with disabilities or health issues, you know just what we mean! Special-needs patients help us understand the beauty of the moment, show us how to live with challenges, and how to carry on and find joy no matter how overwhelming the obstacles may be. What an example they – and their parents – are to our community. That’s why we take the responsibility of keeping their smiles as strong and healthy as they deserve to be, so seriously.

In fact, their care is so close to Dr. Leslie’s heart that she has developed an entire program designed to acclimatize these kiddos to the dental office so that they can have a calm and enjoyable dental experience.

Keeping Care Comfortable

We understand what a hardship dental treatment can be for both kids with disabilities and their parents.

We have made it our mission to change that, taking dental care from something that feels like a trial to something that actually feels like a treat!

From the moment your special-needs loved one enters our office to the time they leave, we make sure that every moment is special. We utilize aromatherapy to eliminate the smell of the dental office and soothe the senses. Aromatherapy has also been shown to greatly reduce stress and create a sense of wellbeing, and that is true for special-needs patients as well. Our atmosphere and our staff are also very calm and upbeat, which sets the stage for tranquil, anxiety-free visits. Plus, we have advanced training in talking to and interacting with these extraordinary people so that they feel comfortable and in control. Parents are often amazed at how much their children end up enjoying their visits – and even when the procedures we need to accomplish aren’t exactly fun, we make sure your child always feels secure and unthreatened, knowing that we are helping them stay healthy. Our gentle, no-pressure approach, helps everyone understand what we are doing and that it isn’t scary.

We also love to interact with you, the incredible people who trust us with the most precious smiles. We can help educate you on how dental health affects overall health, give you tips and tricks for how to maintain an oral health routine at home, and when necessary, show you how you can work with your child throughout the visit to keep everyone at ease.

Sedation Dentistry

Sometimes fun, good communication skills, and an amazing atmosphere are just not enough to calm certain kids. Other kids have needs that just can’t be met in a dental chair. That’s when sedation dentistry may just come to the rescue. It really is the most compassionate approach for some kiddos – and their parents. We know that when you have watched your child suffer or struggle with medical or emotional challenges, you absolutely do not want them to suffer even one nano-second unnecessarily.

Let Dr. Leslie help you and them experience the comfortable care they deserve so you can be sure your special loved one can keep his or her smile for life.

We want to support you in any way we can and make life easier for your whole family!