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Cosmetic Dentistry

Woodlands Pediatric Cosmetic Dentistry

Because Sometimes Even Young Smiles Need a Boost

Every mom thinks her child’s smile is the most gorgeous smile in the world. Every dad goes weak-kneed at his child’s charming grin. And that’s true even when – and sometimes especially if – those grins have something unique going on like a little gap, or a chip, or even a missing tooth. Admit it!

We love those unique smiles too and would never want anyone’s smile to be cookie-cutter perfect. We celebrate the differences that make us all special!

It’s All About Confidence

Unfortunately, kids don’t always feel the same way about standing out as different as we do. And sometimes, their experiences with their peers can make life a daily problem.

When young people start hiding their smiles or suffering from severe embarrassment and social anxiety because of the appearance or condition of their teeth, cosmetic dental procedures especially designed for young smiles can really help.

We offer only the least invasive cosmetic procedures, tailored for age-appropriate levels of improvement, and requiring the least amount of preparation.

Parents and kids alike are amazed at the dramatic difference even subtle improvements – like composite bonding to repair chips and breaks or smile whitening to brighten and unify the appearance of teeth – can make.

Just fix that chip and watch your little actor stop standing in the corner and start getting standing ovations… even out the rough edges and watch your budding debate-team leader bloom…or whiten your teen’s smile and watch her fill out college applications with enthusiasm you never thought she could muster. A little confidence goes a long way!

Minimal Prep Veneers

Veneers have been all the rage for years now. Used by anyone who wants to perfect and refine their smile, minimal prep, composite dental veneers create a brand-new surface for teeth so they can look longer, straighter, and whiter. They have even been used to repair and strengthen broken teeth. But until recently, dental veneers were simply not recommended for younger teeth because of all the preparation they required. It would be like teenage tattoos! Not necessarily a good idea for people who may not have solidified what they want in life!

Minimal-prep veneers have changed all that, allowing younger people, or people who don’t want to dramatically disrupt their natural enamel, to benefit from the smile-transforming properties of dental veneers!

Minimal-prep, composite veneers are strong and stain resistant, but so subtle and thin that they do not require enamel to be removed to achieve a natural profile. In fact, they are so slim, some people have compared them to contact lenses – for smiles!

Minimal-prep tooth veneers are especially great for youngsters who develop hypoplastic spots (white or dark areas on teeth) after braces. We understand how upsetting it can be to go through the work of wearing those tooth-straighteners, only to discover that there are spots on your newly improved smile. While we do offer several solutions such as Icon resin infiltration and composite bonding, minimal-prep veneers can completely cover these unfortunate developments.

But these cosmetic veneers are not for post-braces help only: if your child is struggling with embarrassment over cracks, chips or breaks; small gaps; or irregularities of length or size; please talk to us about the possibility of reversible, non-invasive minimal-prep veneers. They really can be life-changing!

Full-Mouth Restoration

When a smile has been through a lot or has a number of small issues that have built up to a big problem, a full-mouth restoration from Growing Great Grins can be a game changer. A full-mouth restoration may sound like one, single procedure, but it is really a custom-designed treatment plan that will take any smile from struggling to SUPER!

Full-mouth restorations build health from the foundation up, so we take care of any gum infections, cavities, or bite issues first. Creating a strong and healthy base is crucial to lasting oral health, so we make sure that all the basics are dealt with before we work on aesthetics. Once your child’s teeth and gums are healthy, we move on to making sure they are strong and beautiful. This could include anything from tooth recontouring and composite bonding to crowns, partials, and minimal prep veneers. Of course, we always communicate with you and your child before we even make a plan to be sure you tell us all your needs and expectations. Every smile and every situation is unique, and Growing Great Grins always takes your special circumstances into consideration when developing any full-mouth restoration treatment plan. The results? A strong, healthy, beautiful smile – built on a stable foundation – for a lifetime of confidence and health.

Gum Recontouring

Gum recontouring may sound unusual, but it is a really an awesome way to treat post-braces conditions such as gum puffiness, and bring gummy smiles back to life. You see, braces (or other things such as medications) can cause gums to get puffy or grow over your youngster’s pearly whites, effectively making that wonderful smile look short, dull, and, well, pink instead of white.

Don’t worry, though, here at Growing Great Grins, we use high-tech dental lasers for all kinds of procedures, including gum recontouring. That means that gum recontouring can be accomplished in a flash, with no shots, no stitches, and no pain. In fact, the laser is so effective at what it does, it heals as it works!

All we do is swipe the precision laser over the gummy areas, and poof! Those beautiful teeth are revealed, the gum line is smoothed and evened, and your child can leave with a smile they can show off right away!

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is a terrific way to correct almost any problem in young teeth, from cavities to chips. When done by artistic dentists like Dr. Leslie or Dr. Judith, composite bonding can even be used to cover stains, close gaps, and even out jaggedy smiles. And because we custom shade our bonding material to perfectly blend with your child’s other teeth, it can be used to treat decay in front teeth with great success.

Plus, unlike porcelain restorations like crowns or minimal-prep veneers, composite bonding is applied directly to the tooth that needs a little love, and that means you don’t have to come back to have a restoration placed! Now isn’t that convenient? Because composite bonding is not quite as durable as porcelain, we do recommend that you help your child take extra care of his restored tooth, never using teeth as tools and avoiding biting on hard foods and candies. With proper care, that smile repair should last for years!

Tooth Recontouring

She used to love her extra-long canines. She felt that they made her look fierce. You loved them too, of course, because they were part of her special and unique appearance. But suddenly, she has been covering her mouth with her hand, keeping her lips closed when she smiles and lowering her head when she laughs. What’s up? Most certainly someone has been teasing her about her “vampire teeth.” What a shame.

Helping kids overcome teasing helps build resilience, but when children stop smiling and can’t be coaxed into confidence, we offer an easy, quick, painless way to smooth away the irregularities that might keep kiddos from thriving.

Yep, here comes our magic light again! With just a gentle sweep of our dental laser, we can recontour any tooth or teeth, smooth away rough edges, reduce irregularities, and create a smile your child will be finding creative ways to show off again. Plus, because the laser numbs and heals as it works, there is usually no need for the dreaded shot. It’s magic!

Smile Whitening

Why shouldn’t younger smiles experience the confidence-boosting benefits of smile whitening? Seriously, if your older teens are already asking about whitening, why not let Growing Great Grins guide you into smile success? We start by recommending whitening toothpaste. Often, teenage smiles are only stained on the surface, and the mildly abrasive quality, combined with whitening agents, can polish away those stains. In fact, teens often feel that the glow they get with a professional cleaning is enough!

If that doesn’t do the trick, we suggest turning to over-the-counter whitening. Crest Whitestrips work quite well when it comes to bleaching mild staining from teen teeth. We can show you and your teen how to apply them so their gum tissue isn’t damaged and advise about how long to leave them on so there is less sensitivity. As a last resort, we do also offer in-office whitening using Sinsational Smiles. This professional whitening technique is milder than most professional whitening products to keep youthful teeth safe while imparting an unforgettable, audacious gleam.