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4 Damaging Dental Trends on Social Media
added on: November 29, 2022

The internet is full of great information, but it can be difficult to tell the difference between wise advice and dangerous trends. This is particularly true when it comes to health tips and dental tricks. However, your pediatric dentist in The Woodlands wants to warn you that there has been… Read More…

How to Make Going to the Dentist Fun for Kids
added on: November 8, 2022

It’s normal for children to feel a bit apprehensive about visiting their pediatric dentist in Spring, especially if they’ve had a prior negative experience. From laying back in the dental chair to the sounds and smells, we understand the anxiety that can come along with all things related to a… Read More…

Is Nitrous Oxide Safe for Kids at The Dentist? 
added on: October 31, 2022

Your pediatric dentist in Spring strives to make every dental appointment fun and stress-free for all of our patients and parents. But we do understand that some of our patients may be nervous, anxious, or scared at their visit. While we will certainly use all our techniques to help your… Read More…

Is Xylitol Good For Kids’ Teeth? 
added on: October 25, 2022

Sugary sweets can mean bad news for your kid’s teeth. But your pediatric dentist in The Woodlands wants all of our patients and parents of patients to know that there is a way for your little one to enjoy those sweet cravings without all of the damage of sugar.  We’re talking… Read More…

Which Candy Causes The Most Cavities? 
added on: October 10, 2022

As we enter into another holiday season that usually means a boatload of candy for kids as they trick-or-treat from door to door, it’s important to recognize just which candy causes the most cavities. While your pediatric dentist in Spring totally recognizes how fun and important it is to bring… Read More…

The Best & Worst Drinks for Teeth
added on: September 15, 2022

We all do our best to limit how many sugary snacks our kids eat in order to reduce their risk of developing cavities. However, it’s essential to keep an eye on what your kids drink, too. Certain beverages can be great for oral health, and others can lead to dental… Read More…

What Questions Should You Ask a Pediatric Dentist?
added on: August 25, 2022

Caring for your little one takes a lot of learning, especially for first-time parents. It’s important to remember that this is incredibly common, and it’s completely normal to have questions about their overall and oral health. Luckily, your pediatric dentist in The Woodlands is here to help answer any questions you… Read More…

Why Does Food Always Get Stuck in Between My Kid’s Teeth?
added on: August 24, 2022

It’s not uncommon for both kids and adults to get food stuck in between occasionally. In fact, this is common with several types of food. However, if you find that your kid gets food stuck in the same places almost every time he eats, he may have something called a… Read More…

How Do I Know if My Child Has Sleep Apnea? 
added on: August 15, 2022

Sleep apnea is an ailment that has typically been associated with adults. But it’s absolutely possible for this serious condition to occur in kids, too. There are some key signs to look out for when it comes to identifying sleep apnea in kids, and your pediatric dentist in Spring is… Read More…

5 Ways To Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy All Summer Long
added on: July 22, 2022

Even though summer break may be a time for your child to kick back and relax, proper dental care doesn’t take a summer vacation! In fact, dental care over the summer may be a bit trickier than other times of the year. After all, your kid’s routine has probably changed… Read More…

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