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Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive exams let us do much more than count teeth and look for decay. Instead, we check for things like cavity “seeds” that can be treated without drilling, gum inflammation that could indicate improper brushing or periodontal issues, proper eruption patterns, proper jaw growth and alignment, and the impact of habits such as thumb or pacifier sucking. Of course, we also check the oral soft tissues for pathology, infection, or sores, as well as doing a lymph node check. Our findings are always compared to previous checkups, quickly and accurately, with our computerized system. We can even show you how your child is doing from visit to visit! When needed, we include digital x-rays to take a look at what is happening under the enamel and gums. Comprehensive exam visits and checkups also include time to talk to you and your kiddo. This is an important part of your exam and we never rush you through it. You are just as big a part of your child’s dental health team as we are!