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We know you do a great job of brushing at home. You got the Frozen toothbrush, the My Little Pony toothpaste, and floss, and the Elmo tooth brushing video. You even double-check your toddler’s teeth when she has finished and do it for her once in a while just to be sure. Yeah – your home hygiene game is strong!

As tough as you are on tartar, plaque, and cavity bugs at home, nothing beats regular professional cleanings. Professional dental hygiene by the Growing Great Grins team is really important because, no matter how well you do at home, you just can’t completely disrupt those stubborn biofilms without the right tools and know-how. Plus, every time we clean those chompers, we also get a good look at what else is going on in young mouths, checking for proper development, chewing issues, and soft tissue health

Our ultrasonic scaler gets teeth the shiniest, smoothest, most awesome-feeling clean faster and more comfortably than any other hygiene tools. We also have the Prophy Jet that blasts out a salt-water solution to clean around braces, brackets, and restorations. It’s like a visit to the waterpark…but in miniature…in your mouth. Well, sort of. Kids seem to like it! And they really like how clean and fresh their teeth feel!