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Everyone wants a straight, beautiful, comfortable smile – and some people are willing to wear braces to get it. Other people need braces for more than the way their teeth look, they need braces so they don’t get headaches or so their jaw opens and closes correctly. No matter why your little people may need orthodontic care, guess what: Growing Great Grins shares their waiting area with an awesome orthodontist! That’s right! If we discover that your youngster would benefit from braces or other orthodontic treatment, we will refer you right over to our friend next-door.

Sometimes, we agree that it can be better for some little ones to continue care with us, in the office they trust and are familiar with, so on occasion, Dr. Leslie will treat kids with palate expanders or space maintainers while they get to know the orthodontist. In most cases, though, whether your child needs a little tooth straightening, gaps closed, or other orthodontic treatment, our friend and neighbor here at 1001 Medical Plaza Drive can help. We think he is the best…but if you have another orthodontist you’d rather work with, talk to us about that as well.