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X-rays may have been around for a long time, but we still find them fascinating – and so do kids! Our digital x-ray technology makes it easier and better to screen for problems and to use the photos as an educational tool. Why? First, digital x-rays expose your child to much less radiation than traditional x-rays and are easier on the environment too! Second, these x-rays are visually clearer and crisper and can be saved directly to our in-room computers for immediate viewing. That means you and your youngsters can take a look at what is going on inside the teeth and all the way into the roots right along with Dr. Leslie or Dr. Judith. Plus, because they are stored on the computer, we can easily pull them up for comparison visit to visit!

Growing Great Grins also has panoramic x-ray technology so we can get an overview of any child’s head, neck, oral cavity, and jaw. Panoramic x-rays can be great for special-needs kids, little ones who have trouble sitting still, experience anxiety, or have a strong gag reflex because they don’t require any film or device to be placed in the mouth. Instead, the panographic digital x-rays stay outside of your child’s mouth and move around his or her head. Because the image produced is of the entire head, mouth, and jaw, it lets us check the position of wisdom teeth, evaluate the need for restorative dentistry, look for things like infection and abscess, and even check your kiddos’ sinuses.