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Oral Surgery

It’s never easy to say goodbye to friends – especially the friends who help you chew, talk, and smile! But sometimes those baby teeth need to go! That’s when our quick, stress-free tooth extractions come into play.

  • If a baby tooth just won’t let go to allow the adult tooth grow in…
  • if a cavity has progressed too far or infection in the tooth may cause health problems for your child…
  • if a tooth has been severely damaged by trauma, dental extractions are our last resort to solve the problem.

It’s true that this is the procedure tykes feel most anxious about – but it is also true that our gentle approach and highly-effective extraction methods will make having a tooth pulled a cinch. It happens so fast, kids barely have time to notice it happened! Of course, we take plenty of time to help your child manage her anxiety and then celebrate the great job she has done when the surgery is finished! Then it is time to welcome the new friends into the smile – won’t she feel proud of those grown-up teeth?