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Do you love technology? We do too! In fact, Growing Great Grins stays on the leading edge of pediatric technology, not just because technology is exciting and makes our lives easier, but because it keeps our patients so much more comfortable and helps support our minimally-invasive/ preventative approach.

Our Magic, Green, Laser Machine

One of the most mind-blowing technologies we use is the laser. Seriously! Lasers offer incredible accuracy (it’s why eye surgeons use them!), and it minimizes discomfort so much, we hardly ever have to numb kids with the dreaded Novocain shot. That means no needles, no numbness, and no drooling!

Icon – Painting Away Early Cavities

Our team at Growing Great Grins also use an amazing new technology, called Icon. Icon is so cool, it was recently featured in Popular Science Magazine and on The Doctors TV show!

What is it? Icon is the very first product that allows us to treat the teeniest, tiniest caries lesions completely non-invasively, bridging the gap between prevention and restoration. Icon is “a resin infiltration technology that fills, reinforces, and stabilizes demineralized enamel for the purpose of arresting the progression of incipient carious lesions and removing cariogenic white spots.” In other words, Icon’s resin technology lets us paint resin over baby cavities to stop the progression of decay without drilling, anesthesia, or sacrificing any healthy tooth structure. Now that’s the perfect combination of art and science!