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Gummy Vitamins: Good or Bad for Oral Health? 

added on: June 16, 2021
Growing Great Grins

Just like you, your pediatric dentist in Spring wants to do everything we can to keep kids healthy, from serving them well-balanced meals, encouraging them to get active, and washing their hands often. But even if you follow these basic rules, there may still be some crucial things missing. Today, we’re talking about vitamins and minerals. 

They Aren’t So Easy to Get

Vitamins and minerals are received through the foods we eat. If every meal is balanced to include dairy, fruits, veggies, lean meats, and whole grains, chances are your kids are getting their vitamins. But as busy parents, we know sometimes eating the best isn’t always the easiest. Between soccer practice, play rehearsal, and piano lessons, sometimes a homemade, optimally healthy meal just isn’t in the cards. And that’s ok! But it’s important to know when kids don’t receive all the necessary nutrients from wholesome food, there’s a chance they may not be getting enough vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. That’s where supplemental vitamins come into play. 

Gummy Vitamins

Gummy vitamins have been on the market for over 10 years. They were created to make taking vitamins fun and tasty. Traditionally, they taste better than other chewable vitamins and can even be viewed as candy to some kids. And what kid doesn’t like taking a daily dose of candy? While they’re successful at making it easier for kids to take vitamins, they don’t come without risks.  

The Problem? 

Gummy vitamins are similar to gummy candy. And that’s a concern for your pediatric dentist in Spring. Most gummy vitamins are made with citric acid and sugar. The problem with both ingredients is they can cause some serious tooth damage. Citric acid eats away at tooth enamel, softening it and making it more susceptible to decay. Cue the sugar and you’ve got double trouble. Bacteria feed on sugar and produce even more acid as a result. More acid equals more softening, and the risk of decay and cavities increases. Gummies are also exactly that — gummy. They stick to teeth and coat enamel with the damage-causing ingredients. The longer sugar and citric acid are on teeth, the more chance for damage. 

Besides maintaining a well-balanced diet and only using vitamin supplements when necessary, (ideally not in a gummy format) keeping regular appointments with your pediatric dentist in Spring is crucial for optimal dental health. These appointments allow us to catch problems early and give us a chance to further protect teeth with sealants and fluoride. 

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