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What Is The Fastest Way To Stop A Toothache At Home?

added on: July 21, 2023
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A toothache can happen to anyone, at any time, and anywhere. For your pediatric dentist in Spring, any sign of a toothache is certainly cause for concern. While it’s crucial to schedule an appointment as soon as possible, what happens if your child experiences a toothache when your dentist isn’t open or when you’re on summer vacation? Don’t worry, there are a few home remedies that may help provide temporary relief.

4 Ways to Ease Toothache Pain
Since there isn’t a way to schedule a toothache, it’s possible that your child could experience one at an inconvenient time. If this happens, follow these toothache tips. 

  • Rinse with Warm Salt Water

Mix a bit of salt into a glass of warm water and have your child swish it around their mouth and spit it out. This concoction may help reduce inflammation and relieve some pain.

  • Apply a Cold Compress

Place a cold pack or ice wrapped in a cloth on the affected area for about 15 minutes. The cold temperature may numb the area and provide temporary relief. Don’t apply ice or an ice pack directly on the skin. 

  • Try Clove Oil

Soak a cotton ball in clove oil and gently apply it to the affected tooth. Clove oil contains eugenol, which has natural analgesic (pain-relieving) properties.

  • Use Pain Relievers

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, may help reduce both pain and inflammation. Follow the instructions on the package and consult a pharmacist or your healthcare provider for the appropriate dosage.

Keep in mind, these remedies are only meant to temporarily reduce toothache pain. Make sure you still get your child to your pediatric dentist in Spring as soon as possible. Toothaches could be a sign that there’s trouble lurking in your child’s mouth, and it’s important to find out what’s causing the pain so it can be treated quickly. 

Toothache Causes

There are many different things that can cause a toothache in kids. Your pediatric dentist will be able to determine the cause and stop a toothache in its tracks. Some of the main causes of a toothache are: 

  • Erupting teeth during teething
  • Cavities
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Wedged food particles deep in-between teeth
  • Improper brushing and flossing

Preventing Toothaches

Even though there’s really no way to plan for a toothache, there are a few ways to help prevent one from popping up unexpectedly. First, make sure your child is brushing their teeth twice a day for about two minutes each time and flossing. This will help remove bacteria that could lead to decay. Next, talk to your dentist about when you should expect baby teeth to erupt. This can help prepare you for upcoming tooth discomfort. Lastly,  see your pediatric dentist in Spring at least every six months for checkups. These appointments can help prevent problems from occurring or can help potential problems from popping up at inconvenient times. 

If your child is fussing over tooth pain, we welcome you to schedule an appointment at our dental office today so we can get them out of pain and back to smiling in no time.