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When Do Baby Teeth Come In? 

added on: August 25, 2020
Growing Great Grins

When we’re born, most of us have primary (baby) teeth that are sitting, waiting, ready to burst through our gums as we grow a bit older. While baby teeth eruption dates vary from person to person, your Spring pediatric dentist has put together a guide to provide you with a rough idea of when to expect your little one’s teeth to make an appearance. 

What to Expect and When

Even though baby teeth can come in at various ages, there’s a general rule of thumb that your pediatric dentist in Spring uses to help give parents a pretty good idea. While not a hard-and-fast rule, you can typically expect about four teeth every six months after birth. Here’s the breakdown of which teeth should make their appearance when.

6-12 Months – You should typically see your baby’s first tooth or teeth between the ages of 6 to 12 months old. Usually, the two front bottom and top teeth (central incisors) will be the first ones to pop through the gums. 

10-16 Months – The central incisors’ neighbors, the lateral incisors, usually show up next. These front teeth can appear anytime but typically do so between the age of 10 months and 16 months. 

16-23 Months – Up next, the canines, also known as the “pointy” teeth, will erupt sometime between 16 months and 23 months. At the same time, some first molars (the smaller molars next to the “pointy teeth”) may also show up. 

23-33 Months – To round out the baby teeth, your child will start to see the second molars at about 23 months or 33 months.

While three years can seem like a long time for your child to get a grin full of teeth, it’s well worth the wait. Baby teeth help children eat, chew, and learn to speak properly, so when you think about it, it makes sense that these teeth develop at the same time as your child is starting to eat whole foods and beginning to say their first words. Enjoy this time while it lasts because shortly, those temporary teeth will be lost. 

Loose Teeth & Fairy Visits

Around age six or seven, you should expect your child to experience his first loose tooth. Prepare for this special occasion by talking to your child about loose teeth and encouraging him to let the tooth work itself free on its own time. As your pediatric dentist in Spring will tell you, it’s important to allow teeth to fall out naturally as this will help hold a space for the soon-to-come permanent adult tooth. 

Once you notice your child’s first teeth starting to show, it’s time to schedule his first visit with a dentist. Choosing the best pediatric dentist in Spring for your child can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Do your research, ask friends and family who they see, and read reviews. You can also call a pediatric dental office and talk to the team to make sure you get all of your questions answered. 

When the time comes, we welcome you to call us. We’ll help get you scheduled, ease any concerns you may have, and of course, get your little one started on the path of good oral health for a lifetime. 

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