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Fruits and Veggies Are More Than Healthy Snacks

added on: January 20, 2021
Growing Great Grins

A healthy diet is full of colorful fruits and crunchy veggies. But at our pediatric dental office in Spring, we want all of the parents of our patients to know these healthy snacks are also great for a healthy smile.

Just like your body, your teeth need certain foods that taste great and make them feel great. This is where fruits and veggies come in. These two food groups pack a powerful amount of vitamins, and their texture can actually treat the gums to a little massage. When it comes to choosing foods, take some of these fun facts into consideration. 

Fun Facts About Fruits & Veggies


  • B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Bananas are rich in magnesium which can help restore tooth enamel. 
  • Calcium. Dairy isn’t the only food group that contains a lot of calcium. Dark, leafy vegetables also give you and your little ones a powerful dose of it. 
  • Vitamin C! We all know that fruits contain a lot of this immune system boosting vitamin. Vitamin C also keeps gums in tip-top shape. 
  • Sugar. We’re not huge fans of sugary sweets, but that’s why we love fruits and veggies. Replacing sugar-filled treats with fruits and veggies can go a long way to keep teeth safe from decay. 

Are Your Kids Getting Enough? 

We can talk about the importance of fruits and veggies all day, but if you only know the benefits and not how much your child should be getting, it’s not doing much good. Head on over to www.myplate.gov to determine how many servings are appropriate for both you and your child 

Tips to Eat More of the Good Stuff


  • Switch up your snacks. Crackers, chips, cookies, and candy can be readily available so it’s easy to choose them over healthier alternatives. But with just a little preparation, celery, carrots, and apples can be just as convenient. 
  • Sneak fruits into dessert. Put fruit into yogurt, top cereal with a banana, or, dare we say, choose fruit as dessert. 
  • Stack entrees with vegetables. Load pizza with vegetables, toss some into scrambled eggs or an omelet, pack them into pasta entrees, and always have them as a side dish.  

When you’re thinking of yummy yet nutritious foods for your little ones, choose something that is good for their growing bodies and their growing smiles. More importantly, when it comes to keeping a smile healthy, a good diet is only one part of the battle. Keeping appointments with your kid’s pediatric dentist in Spring is just as important. If your child is overdue for a checkup, give us a call today!

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